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How to get amazon reviews

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The first question most new sellers ask is: How to Get Amazon Reviews? 

While there are several ways, organic from customers is great, it is often an extremely  slow process. Many people can go a year or more with no reviews at all.

So why do you need to know how to get reviews? Amazon metrics give ranking credit for “Social Proof”

3, 4 or 5 stars will give you the social proof you need to get ranked properly. The amount  needed often contains a myth that more is better. That is not always the case. For low competition 5 reviews will get you ranked very well if your keywords are optimized.

A higher number  may be needed in order to rank more competitive products.

The next thing is consistent feedback. You should add at least 2 or 3 per month per product to maintain your ranking as well as improve it.

Giving away a few products is a relatively low expense vs. the advertising expense you will spend trying to accomplish the same thing.

IMPORTANT: Do not try any Black Hat methods for getting reviews. Any method not approved by Amazon is sure to ruin your business. Don’t take a chance. “How to Get Amazon Reviews” website adheres to the exact terms of service of Amazon. We verified with Amazon that our methods adhere to their TOS and have been given the green light. That is not to say that they endorse us. A large corporation is not going to endorse a small individual website that they cannot control. Our objective is to make sure you get the rankings you want while sticking to the rules.

So stop asking..

How to Get Amazon Reviews

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